Innovation derives from collaboration and the exchange of ideas. 在esball国际平台客户端, we recognize the importance of strong connections that matter for building a sense of community, driving discoveries and ensuring a world-relevant technological education with a phenomenal return on investment for our students.  


We are governed by a 校董会 and shared governance, and led by the 总统, who is also a member of the Board, and by the 总统’s Executive Council and Clarkson Leadership Council.  在一起, with the Clarkson community, we continue to advance the mission, vision and values of the University. 

马克·P总裁. 克里斯坦森,Ph值.D. P.E.

The esball国际平台客户端 校董会 appointed 马克·P. 克里斯坦森,Ph值.D. P.E. to serve as the 17th 总统 of esball国际平台客户端, effective July 1, 2022.  

总统 Christensen's passion for innovative teaching, collaborative multidisciplinary research, proven entrepreneurship, successful fundraising and community outreach are in excellent alignment with Clarkson's active community of faculty, 工作人员, 学生及校友.

A well-regarded leader in photonics research and technology development, he most recently served as the dean of the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, 德州.  

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总统's Executive Council

Clarkson Leadership Council

The Clarkson Leadership Council is inclusive of the 总统's Executive Council,  and the heads of academic schools, 机构与安全.  

  • 埃里卡·阿诺德
    环境卫生 & Safety Manager / Radiation Safety Officer / Emergency Response Manager
  • Bebonchu Atems
    Interim Dean of David D. Reh School of Business
  • 亚历山大•科恩
    Chair of the Faculty Senate / Associate Professor of Political Science
  • 米歇尔Crimi
    Dean of the Graduate School / Interim Vice Provost for 研究 & Technology Transfer / Professor of Environmental Engineering 
  • 威廉Jemsion
    华莱士H. Coulter School of Engineering / Collins Professor of Innovative Engineering Culture
  • Lennart约翰
    Founding Dean of the Earl R. & 芭芭拉维. Lewis School of 健康 Sciences
  • 凯瑟琳·卡文纳
    Director of the Institute for STEM Education / Robert A. Plane Endowed Professor of Mathematics
  • 苏珊的权力
    Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment / Jean '79 and Robert '79 Spence Professorship in Sustainable Environmental Systems 


The 校董会 is the governing body of the University Corporation, managing its affairs and granting and conferring such academic degrees and honors as are permitted by the Regents of the State of New York and specifically authorized by its charter.

•托马斯•L. Kassouf 74, Chair​​​​​​
•马克•P. 克里斯坦森,Ph值.D., P.E.,  esball国际平台客户端 总统
•南希•D. Reyda '81,副主席
•贝亚德D. esball国际平台客户端,老. H'74, Distinguished Vice Chair
•劳蕾塔·M. chris UGC '98, Secretary
•凯莉O. Chezum '04, Assistant Secretary
•  杰弗里·艾夫斯, Vice 总统 for Financial Affairs & 财务主管 

To Contact the 校董会, please write or call in care of:
Dr. 凯莉啊. Chezum, Vice 总统 for External Relations & Assistant Secretary of the 校董会
esball国际平台客户端大街8号nue, Box 5500, Potsdam, New York 13699

安东尼B. 布沙尔85
总统 and Chief Operating Officer

凯瑟琳·E. 坎贝尔的03
Vice 总统/Head of US Product Strategy & 发展
Franklin Templeton Companies, LLC

西蒙风L. 大炮97

托马斯·G. 恰P”15
高级副总裁 & 首席工程师

艾米E. Castronova 04年

马克·P. 克里斯坦森,Ph值.D., P.E.

劳蕾塔米. chris UGC '98
Executive Vice 总统 & 首席运营官(Ret.)

Bayard D. esball国际平台客户端老., M.D. H'74
Member, Molecular Pharmacology/Chemistry
Sloan - Kettering Institute

凯萨琳H. 渐变群85 

卡雷尔K. Czanderna 77
总统 & 首席执行官(Ret.)
Flexsteel Industries Inc.

Peter J. Devlin 80
总统 & 首席执行官(Ret.)
鱼 & 理查森,电脑

克里斯蒂娜一个. 荷兰91年
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

大卫·K. heacok 83
高级副总裁 & 经理(Ret.)
德州 Instruments Silicon Valley Analog

托马斯L. Kassouf 74

(Sanjeev R. Kulkarni 84  
Professor, Electrical Engineering

Kenneth S. Lally 79

Earl R. 刘易斯66年
Chairman of the Board (Ret.)

G. 迈克尔·马雷斯卡18级学生
介入 & 一般的放射科医师
St. 劳伦斯放射学

约翰年代. Mengucci 84
总统 and Chief Executive Officer
CACI International Inc.

Rajan Raghavan '82
创始人,总裁 & 首席执行官

南希·D. Reyda 81
董事总经理 & 首席运营官(退休)
Bank of New York Mellon

金E. 斯宾塞79年
Executive Vice 总统(Ret.)
Mondelēz International, Inc.  

大卫. 沃尔什67
Executive Vice 总统 and 首席运营官(Ret.)

James F. 64年木
Director, Energy Institute (Ret.)
导演,你.S. - China Clean Energy 研究 Center, Advanced Coal Technology Consortium
West Virginia University

罗伯特·R. 小Ziek. '78